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First Time Fuck with Another TS

Since I fully transitioned to a ChaturbateI've always admired to have a mutual fuck with another Chaturbatelike me. Chaturbatelike me were very rare in my area.
I've always fucked lesbian girls who were really getting addicted to me. I really wanted to try out something new.

Fortunately that moment came.v recently I went to the usual pup to meet my lesbian friends. I then meet this new face that I have seen before. She was so pretty with a perfect body. Since she was sitting alone, i decided to join her and bought her a drink. This was a lesbian pup. Therefore girls picking up girls was very easy. After a few drinks, we left decided to book into a hotel room. I wanted to surprise her with my Chaturbatedick.

When she stood up i couldn't believe what a big ass she had. My cock was hard already. Immediately we checked in, she was allover me, kissing me and removing her top. Fuck! She had had 34D ti Chaturbatewhich were firm and just perfect. I love bigtits. We continued kissing as I fondled her bigtits. I then removed my top to show her my 34C and she was thrilled. She started sucking on them. I was feeling different as my ti Chaturbatewere sucked. She wasn't as soft as the other girls. A she sucked my 34c tits, I removed her shor Chaturbateslowly as she pressed against me. Before I took it off, hhe then pushed me onto the bed ready to go the next level.

She pulled by jeans and my 8" cock popped out. It was so hard. She couldn't believe her eyes. I invited her to come suck it. That's when I got my surprise. She turned the other side showing me her big ass. When she turned back, I was surprised. She also had a cock. Almost the same size a mine but slightly bigger which was so hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. She told she was also surprised. She came and lied on her side and started sucking my cock. She put her cock in my mouth and we started sucking each other 69 style. This was so hot. I had never been with another Chaturbate girlbefore.

She then knelt and held a bigti Chaturbatetogether.

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